Amazing Vitamins Vita Rocks

I remember as a kid taking my vitamin was a fight cause they tasted disgusting. Now days there are so many choices for children’s vitamins, but one I found to be amazing and a favorite in our house  they are called Vita Rocks. Vita rocks are like pop rocks just like we had as a kid for those of us old enough to remember those.. And they taste just as good as pop rocks. So there are no fighting over taking vitamins in our house. They  come in cherry Blast, Grape Gusher and Lemon burst. I will be ordering more of these from healthy to go. Their website is 

I would recommend these vitamins for anyone with kids. My kids giggle every time they take their vitamins because of the popping sensation in their mouth. And the thing that makes mom happy is that they offer an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, D & E as well as minerals and are all-natural, great tasting even this mom loves the taste of them.


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