Piggy Paint

As a mom we are always looking for safe products for our children. My girls were always wanting to paint their nail with me and I was hesitant until I found a product that is non toxic, odorless and kid friendly. This nail polish was invented by a mother name Melanie Hurley when she found out the traditional polish she was using on her kids ate right through a foam plate.. Now that is a little scary especially since if you think about how many times our kids fingers end up in their mouth. The polish I am reviewing today is called piggy paint. It is non toxic, hypoallergenic,odorless,  eco friendly, and is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthatates, BPA, ethyl acetate and acetone. It is made of all natural ingredients and is made in the USA!!! Which for me is a major plus. My girls and I only tried the kids version of piggy paint but due to high demand they have also come out with a adult line with lots of fun colors. And the best thing is the adult version is safe to use during pregnancy. They also carry pet polish which i would love to try on my Pomeranian. As well as school spirit colors which I think is a awesome idea.They also have a neon line called Project earth which has some really pretty colors. Another neat product that they carry is Nail pens. They aren’t your normal art pens they are polish pens which make painting little fingers a lot easier.They also have nail art for little fingers and a cute little pedi set and some cute piggy paint t shirts. We tried Ice cream Dreams and mac and cheese… they were a one coat polish which i really like. the girls had me do a polka dot pattern they each had the opposite pattern. As its motto said it is safe as mud. As a mom I would recommend these to my friends and other people. you can order the kids paint at www. piggypaint.com They have alot of awesome colors.. I can’t wait to place a order to get the girls and myself some more colors of the nail polish and I really can’t wait to try the nail pens and pet polish.


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