Ecover Laundry soap and spot remover

This soap and spot remover is eco friendly and it safe for your family. And I have to say this is the best laundry soap and spot remover I have ever used. As a mom with messy little ones I was so shocked to see how clean their clothes came out.

I have one daughter who has very sensitive skin and normally have to buy her different laundry soap and wash her with a special soap. Just because of a accidental mix up in laundry soap we washed her clothes in Ecover and she had no reaction it was amazing. I was so happy because now I can wash all of our clothes together and no more buy multiple laundry soap anymore..  I plan on continuing to use this product and use so of the other cleaners Ecover offers.

Stain RemoverNatural Laundry Liquid, 2.5X, Free and Clear, HE

For more information on this product you can go to their website : You can also buy products on their website or  look up a store close to you where you can buy it at locally if you prefer.


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