Giant Microbes

This is such an amazing website. They carry microbial products that are so cute.  These products are so cute you can get stuffed micro-bodies, ties, temporary tattoo,  coffee mugs, t-shirts and even more.

I got smooch who is supposed to be mono the kissing disease. I chose that one cause she is so cute. She is pink with bumps on her like mono gives you on your limph nodes. And when you put her hand together the magnetically stick together and she makes kissing sounds.. She also has a hand tag that can be removed that shows I love you in 5 different languages. She is really fun.

These gifts would make a perfect teach tool or gift for teachers or doctors in trying explain the different diseases. The would also make a funny gag gift or a white elephant gift . Everyone would get a nice giggle out of these cute products.

Here is a picture of smooch.

Smooch sound doll

You can get smooch or any of her other micro-body friends or gifts at the giant microbes website:


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