Fun Bites

Fun bites are the cutest idea to get your kid to eat more healthy. They are little food slicers that you can use to cut you child’s food into tiny pieces so it is easier for them to eat their food. These work great for sandwiches, pancakes, cheese, and much more.

I used mine with my 6 year old and she had a blast helping cut her food and snacks up. Fun bites has made meal and snack time at our house more fun. And I have noticed that my daughter is eating more healthy since we started using the fun bites. She could be a little picky about what she ate before and now that she can help cut her food into little pieces with fun bites she is eating a lot better.

I would recommend this product for any parent that has a little kids. I think these would be great for someone with a toddler cause the one I tested made the pieces small enough that a toddler could eat it with out chocking.

They come in little square or hearts. I tested the squares and loved them and I am going to be ordering the hearts for our house so I have both sets. Pictures of both are seen below

To learn more about this product you can check out their website:


Buy One of Each!


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