EOS Lip balm

If you are looking for the best lip balm out there then look no farther. EOS is by far the best lip balm I have ever used. I used to suffer from severely dry lip until I started using EOS lip balm and now my lips are very soft and smooth.

EOS comes in many different flavors like: summer fruit, lemon drop with spf 15, Strawberry sorbet, honey suckle honey dew, medicated tangerine and sweet mint. They are also 95% organtic and 100% natural.

I love the design of the lip balm as well it fits so nicely in our hands which makes for easy application. The design also is easy to open even for a person with arthritis like me.

So if you are looking for a great lip balm then EOS is for you. You can find more information about EOS at their website¬† And don’t forget to go like their facebook page :¬†

Summer Fruit Lip Balm Sphere