soda stream machine

I got the privilage to test and review a soda stream machine. Let me tell you this is a awesome product. I have a family that goes through regular soda like crazy. With the soda stream machine we have saved money because each bottle makes more then a 24  pack of soda. The taste is amazing you would never know you weren’t drinking a name brand soda if you did see someone make the soda in the machine. It is simple to use and there are lots of flavors to chose from. I have had it for a month and we still have a lot of flavor to try that came in the starter kit.

They don’t just have soda mixes they also have energy drinks and teas. I can’t say a bad thing about the machine. If your family drinks a lot of soda this machine is one a really good investment and it will save you lots of money in the long run.

You can buy the soda stream machine at :

Here is a picture of the starter pack.

Fountain Jet - Soda Value Kit


Crazy Dog t-shirts

Are you looking for a fun t-shirt then crazy dog t-shirts is the place to go. I got the pleasure to review 2 t-shirt they are the soft and very comfy. And not to mention funny.

I got these t-shirts for my college boys and they get so many compliments on them and other students are always asking where they got them. So I know they  are hit with the college crowd.

If you want a fun humorous t-shirt then you need to go check out: They have an amazing selection for both men and women. They have a unique, stylish and a  crazy selection of t-shirts. I would definitely buy from them again.

Keg Stand t shirt

Squirrel ADD t-shirt

skinny water

Wow who would have thought diet water would taste so good. I have been drinking skinny water for a week and have to brag that I have lost 5 lbs. That is a pound a day just by supplementing my soda habit for skinny water.

Skinny water has 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, and 0 guilt. They also have extra vitamins, electrolytes  and antioxidants. Doesn’t all of this sound good you can indulge in a great drink without worrying about adding extra calories and sugar in your diet.


Believe me skinny water is my new favorite drink. I have yet to find a flavor I don’t like. And for a picky eater like me that is pretty unusual. I would recommend skinny water to all of my friends not only those looking to lose weight.

You can buy skinny water at your local grocery store or you can go to their website And be sure to go like them on face book at :


Giant Microbes

This is such an amazing website. They carry microbial products that are so cute.  These products are so cute you can get stuffed micro-bodies, ties, temporary tattoo,  coffee mugs, t-shirts and even more.

I got smooch who is supposed to be mono the kissing disease. I chose that one cause she is so cute. She is pink with bumps on her like mono gives you on your limph nodes. And when you put her hand together the magnetically stick together and she makes kissing sounds.. She also has a hand tag that can be removed that shows I love you in 5 different languages. She is really fun.

These gifts would make a perfect teach tool or gift for teachers or doctors in trying explain the different diseases. The would also make a funny gag gift or a white elephant gift . Everyone would get a nice giggle out of these cute products.

Here is a picture of smooch.

Smooch sound doll

You can get smooch or any of her other micro-body friends or gifts at the giant microbes website:


This peanut butter comes in 4 awesome flavors cookie nookie, razzle dazzle, co co bananas,  and choco choco. This has to be the best invention when it came peanut butter. Each one of these peanut butter’s are all natural and have honey in them as well which is great one less thing you have to buy or put on your sandwich.

My family has fallen in love with this product the taste is amazing. They each have their own unique flavor and they is no complaining on the taste of any of them.

As a mom I am really big on feeding natural products so to find a peanut butter that the kids will eat right out of the jar with a spoon is amazing. They also love eating them in a sandwich form and on crackers. It just amazes me how much we all really liked it.

I plan on continue buying this product and so can you. Their website is: you can also follow them on facebook.

Tru Kid Silly Shampoo

This is such a great and cute product for kids. My girls love the smell of the shampoo and as my youngest told me it makes her hair really soft.

I have to be very careful of what shampoo’s and body washes we have to use with m youngest daughter because she has very sensitive skin and breaks out with just about anything. So I was very skeptical about letting her use it but she really wanted to use it so we let her. And to our surprise she had no reaction at all we were so happy and so was she.

I would recommend Tru Kids products to any other moms out there especially if their kid has sensitive skin. This product is the best product I have found for my daughters.. I will be buying more of their product and you can too at Also be sure to like them on facebook.


Ecover Laundry soap and spot remover

This soap and spot remover is eco friendly and it safe for your family. And I have to say this is the best laundry soap and spot remover I have ever used. As a mom with messy little ones I was so shocked to see how clean their clothes came out.

I have one daughter who has very sensitive skin and normally have to buy her different laundry soap and wash her with a special soap. Just because of a accidental mix up in laundry soap we washed her clothes in Ecover and she had no reaction it was amazing. I was so happy because now I can wash all of our clothes together and no more buy multiple laundry soap anymore..  I plan on continuing to use this product and use so of the other cleaners Ecover offers.

Stain RemoverNatural Laundry Liquid, 2.5X, Free and Clear, HE

For more information on this product you can go to their website : You can also buy products on their website or  look up a store close to you where you can buy it at locally if you prefer.