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This peanut butter comes in 4 awesome flavors cookie nookie, razzle dazzle, co co bananas, ¬†and choco choco. This has to be the best invention when it came peanut butter. Each one of these peanut butter’s are all natural and have honey in them as well which is great one less thing you have to buy or put on your sandwich.

My family has fallen in love with this product the taste is amazing. They each have their own unique flavor and they is no complaining on the taste of any of them.

As a mom I am really big on feeding natural products so to find a peanut butter that the kids will eat right out of the jar with a spoon is amazing. They also love eating them in a sandwich form and on crackers. It just amazes me how much we all really liked it.

I plan on continue buying this product and so can you. Their website is: http://www.pbcrave.com you can also follow them on facebook.