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skinny water

Wow who would have thought diet water would taste so good. I have been drinking skinny water for a week and have to brag that I have lost 5 lbs. That is a pound a day just by supplementing my soda habit for skinny water.

Skinny water has 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, and 0 guilt. They also have extra vitamins, electrolytes  and antioxidants. Doesn’t all of this sound good you can indulge in a great drink without worrying about adding extra calories and sugar in your diet.


Believe me skinny water is my new favorite drink. I have yet to find a flavor I don’t like. And for a picky eater like me that is pretty unusual. I would recommend skinny water to all of my friends not only those looking to lose weight.

You can buy skinny water at your local grocery store or you can go to their websitehttp://www.skinnywater.com. And be sure to go like them on face book at : https://www.facebook.com/skinnywater.